The Science Museum Group

Curator Portraits

Commissioned by The Science Museum Group, a series of portraits of the curatorial and archival team at The Science & Industry Museum, Manchester, restoring objects for display in a new gallery.

Hair & Makeup: Ruchi Ratna | Assistance: Conrad Ohnuki

Conservator Kathryn Kreczak cleans four penny and half-penny coins dated 1799 and 1806, found in the roof space of Murrays’ Mills in Ancoats, Manchester.

Katie Belshaw, Curator of Industrial Heritage, handling a Trademark printing block from around 1900, used by textile merchants Paterson Zochonis to mark cotton goods for export.

Archivist Ceri Forster examines a collection of Shippers Tickets, used between around ~1880-1960. They were employed by textile merchants on cotton goods for export, and were designed to appeal to different customers around the world.