'Power', Summer 2018

'Power' is a collaboration between Principal Ballerina Bethany Kingsley Garner, and myself.

In my experience, the perception of ballet can generally go one of two ways – there’s either the picture of the delicate femininity of ballerinas, or the cruel suffering of artists who struggle to carry on in the face of near constant injury and sacrifice.

This is not my experience of ballet.

For me, ballet is about passion, dedication, fear, and triumph. What is designed to look graceful and effortless is born out of the fire of merciless training, gruelling self belief, and love in its most pure form. They are entertainers. They are athletes. They are heroes.

Power has been featured in two exhibitions, as part of a series of collected works by various artists entitled ‘Positions of Power’, as has been described as follows: ‘…Extraordinarily cultural and sinewy portraits… well worth checking out’ - Liverpool Echo.

Following on from a run of 6 weeks in Liverpool and as part of Liverpool Biennial Fringe, the work was then commissioned to be displayed on the side of a building in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter.

The artwork expanded to include seven images, and was repeated over the face of ‘Hilton House’.

And here are some behind the scenes images of the installation.

The artwork was displayed for over 6 months, and featured in national press, including on the BBC News website.

My thanks go to:

  • Azzy, Charlie, Jenni, Mark B, Mark H, Rob, Sarah, Zak, Tilly & Evie, and everyone who helped with the installation.
  • Claire McDonald
  • Lisa, Hannah, Nigel, and the team at Accelerate Places for support.
  • Helena
  • Tony, Chris, and the team at Scottish Ballet
  • Bethany Kingsley Garner

Support for this project was very kindly provided by:

Sheila Bird Group


Cert Property

Edwards & Co.

Lambert Smith Hampton

Big Art And Banners

If you are interested in displaying 'Power' in your gallery or exhibition space, please contact: drew@drewforsyth.com, or head to the Contact page. Thanks!