Limestone Journeys

I was commissioned in 2015 to work alongside Limestone Journeys to create this short film, in celebration of the amazing work done by the team based in central England.

Here's a quote from the team at LJ:

"Limestone Journeys - the people, the projects, the places... captured in a beautiful film showcasing the best of Limestone Journeys. There was barely a dry eye when the team watched the film. Some of our favourite people and places are featured, including the stars of the show - local lad Andy Laking and his dog Benji. Only a feature length film could tell the full story of Limestone Journeys, so we have a snap shot of some of the best bits, set beautifully against vistas of local landscapes."

Limestone Journeys is a Landscape Partnership that worked with local people to look after, learn about and celebrate the distinctive landscape and heritage of the local area (mainly the Bolsover District). Limestone Journeys was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Limestone Journeys Partners. With external grants, contributions and volunteer time a total of£3.2 million of investment was brought into the local area between 2011 and 2015.