Kate Byrne

Thrilled to finally be posting these - my images of Kate Byrne, shot last Summer during my creative retreat.

This shot was born out of two pieces of artwork - Erwin Blumenfeld’s ‘Nude Under Wet Silk, Paris’ (c. 1937, left) and Giovanni Strazza’s ‘Veiled Virgin’, (Year unknown, circa 1850s, middle). There’s also a tiny bit of Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner (1982, right) in there!

I’ve wanted to do a ‘wet silk’ shoot for so long, as I’m so fascinated by the dragging of the material through space, and the interaction between the material and the dancer. The material is really the partner in the movement, not a prop! Often, I see material being used in dance shoots, but I wanted to put my own slant on it, and so a bit of spritzing was in order, to make it really cling to Kate’s body.


Dancer: Kate Byrne @katebyrnedancer

Direction & Photography: Drew Forsyth @_drewforsyth

Creative Support and Movement Direction: Jenna Lee @jennaleechoreographer

Hair & Makeup: Ophelia @in.templum.ophelia

Retouching: Matt Brewin @iamaretoucher

Material: Abakhan @abakhanfabrics