Glug: 10 Things I've learned being Freelance

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came down to @glugevents last night! It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many new people, and chat to folk throughout the night! Thank you to everyone who told me they enjoyed my talk, and to everyone who messaged me, tagged me in photos, and wrote nice things about me. It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to do the event!

My talk focused on 10 things I’ve learned being freelance - here:

    1. Be Bold
    2. Be Honest
    3. Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media
    4. Self Love
    5. Get a Work / Life Balance
    6. Getting you clients to pay you on time
    7. Red Flags
    8. Managing Expectations
    9. Working for Not Money
    10. Personal Work

    Featured image by Fiona Finchett.