Editorial Shoot with Broadway Star Leanne Cope

A true narrative editorial shoot is something I've wanted to experiment with for so long, and when I found out I'd have the opportunity to work with Leanne, everything fell into place. We shot for around three hours on location in a barn in the South of England, with three looks - for each segment of the shoot.

These images are part of a season of work, collaborating with Movement Director Jenna Lee. The images you see below were shot during a four day retreat, organised by Jenna and myself, in which we escaped to a barn in the middle of the English countryside, and spent four days creating.

It was a wonderful experience, that I will look back fondly on for years to come.


Photographer & Director: Drew Forsyth, @_drewforsyth

Model: Leanne Cope, @leannemcope

Makeup Artist: Jaysam Barbosa, @jam_deluxe

Hair Artist: Michael Szostek, @jam_deluxe

Retoucher: Matt Brewin @iamaretoucher