Shot in Arizona: A Dance Editorial with Alexander

In February 2020, I attended the inaugural Pas De Deux Dance Photography Conference. Solely dedicated to dance photography, the conference was a tremendous amount of fun and totally worth the frankly horrifying amount of jet lag I suffered.

As part of the conference, there were scheduled ‘Sunrise Photoshoots’, where I got up at 5am to drive out into the desert to photograph incredible dancers. These images are the result.

I shot Alexander as part of a ‘photowalk’, led by dance photographer Dave Brewer. If you haven’t done a photowalk before, there’s usually around 30 photographers, all working with around 5 - 8 dancers on location. That means it can be a bit of scrum trying to get dedicated time with the dancer, but I managed to get five minutes to work with him alone.

As well as these digital images, I also fired off a roll of 120 film, shot on a Mamiya RB67 that I borrowed. I’ll be getting them developed soon, and when I do, will be posting here.

Thanks again to @PasDeDeuxPhoto for an amazing weekend, as well as, @aerial_firebord, @dance_by_akaiserphoto,, @taylorfernemorris_photography, and everyone else who made the experience unforgettable.